Who we are

In 1999, Cemil Benli started his works on Bentonite minerals discovered in Bozdağ and Akçaalan districts in Fatsa-Ünye border of Ordu. He obtained official results of his works in 2002 and established BB Mining Co. ltd. whose center office is located in Ünye.

BB Mining Co. ltd. working on perlite, marble, granite, natural stone and especially Bentonite, determined a huge amount of high-quality Ca White Bentonite after its drilling works in mine sites 19 km away from Ünye port and 24 km away from Fatsa port. These minerals are tested by MTA, MAM, TUBITAK and its exportation customers and their convenience is confirmed for the sectors such as detergent, cosmetics, paper, pharmaceutical industry, dyeing industry, dehumidifying, ceramics, bleaching earth and cat litter.

It is easily accessible for air shipping because central office is 70 km away from Samsun Airport and 80 km away from Ordu-Giresun Airport; it is also near to Ünye port which is going to be the biggest container port of Black Sea Region, which make it easily accessible for marine shipping. Also, Fatsa port, Samsun and Trabzon ports which are suitable for container shipping are the other options. We are also 30 km away from Fatsa Organized Industrial Zone. Black Sea- Mediterranean Sea highway whose construction is going to be completed soon will enhance the importance of our mining sites.

BB Mining Co. Ltd. delivers its orders from both domestic and foreign market on time with its own vehicle fleet and vehicles of its contracted logistic companies. We are providing an ideal service in winter thanks to our covered storage spaces.

Having approximately 20 million tons of reserves, we are increasingly going on exporting crude Bentonite to leading domestic and foreign companies with a qualified and prestigious service concept. We have taken firm steps for being one of the leading companies in this sector since 1999.

Our company adopts the mentality of introducing the values of this country to itself and prioritizing public welfare as a principle.