Bentonite is a clay mineral from the smectite group and it basically comprises of montmorillonite. Smectite clay swells when it absorbs mineral water and organic molecules and it is also an important ion exchanger. Bentonite is used in the production of the goods more than 1000.

Bentonite is used in refractory production as a binder and it enhances the strength, formalization and figuration specialty of the material. It has the ability for absorbing toxins, poison and viruses. HIV and influenza viruses are prevented with chemically-changed nano-betonites.

It has three (3) kinds according to their chemical specialties:

- Sodium Bentonite: It can swell 5-10 times with water; it is generally used in drilling, cast and construction industries.

- Calcium Bentonite: It can swell 2-3 times with water; it is predominantly used in detergent, ceramic, cosmetics, paper industries and in cat litters.

- Sodium – Calcium (Mid type) Bentonite: It is used as Sodium Bentonite after chemical activation.